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Drop City


Drop City is a gallery established in Newcastle upon Tyne in Autumn 2014.
The original space has been redeveloped and Drop City now operates nomadically, between Newcastle & Dusseldorf.

Developing a model that capitalises on the varied experiences of its founders; an independent curator and three artists, Drop City’s programme explores the gaps and potential plasticity between several models of exhibition space and gallery, revolving around the individual work of each founding member. Through an inclusive collaborative structure, Drop City aims to build an exhibition context that is driven by our engagement and dialogue with other artists. Single works, solo and collaborative exhibitions and live activities all feature, as well as publications and international co-operations. To date Drop City has presented guest exhibitions in the European cities of Wien and Brussels.

Drop City represents and supports contemporary artists and is committed to the production, presentation, mediation, and support of their work, promoting workable exchanges between UK based artists and art organisations and those working internationally.

Since vacating the South Street space, Drop City have become a nomadic space, organising shows locally, nationally and internationally in Vienna, Brussels and Dusseldorf. Sam & Ellie, two of the Drop City founders relocated to Dusseldorf early in 2016 from where Drop City have been organising and curating shows in the Hotel Ufer. Forthcoming exhibitions include the second half of a gallery exchange with MAUVE, an artist led space in Vienna.

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  • unincorporated organisation

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In 1823 George and Robert Stephenson, along with three partners, opened the world’s first purpose built locomotive works on Forth Banks, Newcastle upon Tyne. Robert, at the age of 19, was the Managing Partner.

The famous locomotives “Locomotion” and “Rocket” were built here and the works subsequently exported locomotives to developing railways all over the world - often the first to be seen in those countries.

exhibitions, events, workshops: 

Hotel Anderes Ufer: The Attic
From 1 April 2016

Sophie Macpherson
Towelling Garments
Hotel Ufer, Dusseldorf
1 April – 15 May 2016

Katie Schwab
Breakfast Plates for Hotel Ufer
Hotel Ufer, Dusseldorf
From 14 March 2016

Drop City Centre
Laing Art Gallery, Newcastle
11 March – 17 April 2016

Robin Vanbesien
citizen without qualities
Various venues in Newcastle, Whitley Bay, Brussels & Dusseldorf
5 February – 18 March 2016

MAUVE, Vienna
20 November – 11 December 2015

Paul Becker
New Paintings
Drop City, Newcastle
19 September – 17 October 2015

Markus Karstieß and Christian Jendreiko
Drop City, Newcastle
1 – 8 August 2015

Drop City, Newcastle
1 August 2015

The Reading Group
Drop City, Newcastle
17 June 2015

Eleanor Wright/Sam Watson
Continuous Material
Durham Castle & Drop City, Newcastle
27 April – 24 May 2015

Francesco Pedraglio
Los Barbaros
Drop City, Newcastle
26 March – 24 April 2015

Sophie Macpherson
A Series of Movements
Drop City, Newcastle
12 February – 7 March 2015

Nadia Hebson
Can you forgive her?
Drop City, Newcastle
11 December 2014 – 30 January 2015

Ralf Brög
xf part 4: JB (canonic)
Drop City, Newcastle
5 – 28 November 2014


Drop City
South Street
NE99 4ZH Newcastle upon Tyne , TWR 54° 58' 3.7992" N, 1° 36' 56.8332" W


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